2 Poems by Ellie Cameron

close up photography of brown and yellow toy figure

I wish I was a bigger person

I wish I was a bigger person;
that I could see your happiness 
and revel in it, but I’m just 
a little too small for that,
a little too flawed for that, 
a little too hopelessly enthralled for that—
you deserve to be happy, 
but every time you bring him up 
I can’t help but wish I was a bigger person.
red and orange solar flare

Tanaga on anger and hate

Burning like a wildfire,
uncontrolled, growing dire,
the flames climb ever higher;
hate fuels the blazing pyre.


Ellie Cameron (Twitter: @ellie_cameron1) is an emerging nonbinary writer and writing teacher. They hold a BA in Writing Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing from Rowan University. They are a founding editor and contributor of R U Joking? (rujoking.org), and they have poetry published in small leaf press and Lead & Pulp Poetry. 

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