2 poems by Spandan Bandyopadhyay

spotlight illuminating smoke

the illusionary peace

she comes –
as the silence before a storm
     into my room, filled with
     something close to melancholia

when my windows are closed
when my door is closed
when I feel like
smoking another cigarette

I remember,
in the morning
looking at death
on everyone’s face
into everyone’s eyes

those who think deep
find at the bottom
there is a ray of darkness

my cat will die one day
i will follow him

she too will perish

look through a busy bazaar;
day after tomorrow
          none of us will deceive another

this room is mine.
this room belongs to me,

if that is the case, then
let her storm
storm into every tiny cell of mine

     let her disturb
     the illusionary peace

woman in red long sleeve writing on chalk board

someone who loves mathematics

she was a bright student

bright in the sense,
she could describe
the meaning of a poem

bright in the sense,
she seemed to be lost
into Tolstoy, into Camus

i knew her
i knew her name

only i did not seem to know
              to notice
                 to care
   to understand

she was more interested in mathematics


Spandan Bandyopadhyay is an aspiring full time writer. A melancholic boy, he is currently living in Kolkata, India. He can be followed on twitter @Spandan_B_49 and on Instagram @spandanb.49

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  1. Keamogetswe Mokoena Avatar
    Keamogetswe Mokoena

    Good poems. Keep the good work up bro🙌

  2. Extremely good son. Keep on the hard work. Best wishes

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