2 Poems

by u/watatatsumi
man raising his hands with heart illustration


I remember love first
I want to keep love beside me 
I want love to stay with me
I need love to stay with me

Love is ruthlessness 
and happiness 
Love doesn't want me 
But it looks for me

Love is between your fingers
     your blinks and winks 
Love is your breathing
     your smile

Love is your mole 
     your dead hair 
Love is your pimple 
     your scar

Love is beautiful 

Love is peculiar 

Love is everything
Every step
Every touch
Every time you say my name

Love is in my dreams 
and in my nightmares 
Love is in my imagination 
So do you see?

You are love
and I love you
But you don't
What is love's purpose now?

WARNING from the author for potentially sensitive content

woman s palm with written message

A child never forgets

Degrading, dishonorable, harmful
A victim feels and experiences
It possesses them innocently
It gets involved until it's so familiar

Dear child, begin to wonder I beg
Are the pains unbearable?
Magnificently told a hidden trick, a gullible
And now little one lived a trauma forever

When asked about these desires
Cruel, wild, and twisted wires
Hidden behind the context of preference
Losing a sound and common and moral sense

No more secrets to keep, no more lies to hear
Fear is inevitable, help will come
Shame those with a wicked heart
Dear child, I hope it is now safe, yes, you are

About the Poet:

I’ve been breathing for 20 years and live somewhere in Southeast Asia. I write drabbles and short poems in my native language more because English is not my first language but practice will make one better! I’m a health-allied university student, wishing to someday help marginalized people to receive the care they deserve. Also, I’m a lesbian.