It’s been a few days..

since I launched my site and it has been so much fun creating the look of Lead & Pulp Poetry! I’m new to this and the world of social media marketing and promotion, but that has also been so great and has exposed myself, and the site to more than I would have thought already in such a short time. I’m looking forward to taking this as far as it can go and hope to offer another space for poets to get their voices out.

I remember years ago when I began submitting to online publications how scary it felt, but also how the acceptance and the rejection helped build me up. My goal as the editor is to build a rapport with poets that submit here and have it feel like a partnership. Second, I would love so much to help build someone’s confidence in themselves as a budding writer. It’s easy to say now, but Id also like to be able to respond with some feedback that is constructive and in general just send a response to the poems you’ve worked so hard on. I hope I make it feel like humans work here!

I am looking forward to so much in this endeavor: to learning new things constantly, to making new connections, to reading amazing poetry and to building a relationships with those in the writing community and lifting each other up.

Your humble editor, Alexander Jensen

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