I read, I write, now I go to school

Who isn’t trying to improve their skills? I know that I have been.

I have been reading more and more poetry lately, letting it wash over and inspire me while also trying not to be influenced to the point of being a copycat. It’s been so fun immersing myself in the words of Karyna McGlynn, Brenna Twohy, Ben Lerner, and Rachel Wiley. Finding my own meaning in their words has been such a revelatory experience and these poets come highly recommended by Lead & Pulp Poetry.

Reading has definitely helped me write more. I have been exploring every line that comes to mind and have been trying to just let them take shape organically without force. Not always an easy task, but all we can do is try. Aside from reading more I have also taken an important next step for my writing. I have applied to SNHU’s Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry degree and guess what…

I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED for classes starting this fall! It has been hard to contain the excitement. While I don’t necessarily feel that education equals great art, I do feel like this is the right and necessary step for me and my goals as a writer and editor of this publication. I want to expand my knowledge and writing so that I can share that with those who’d like to hear it. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my book of life.

What helps you in your writing? How do you feel about education and its influence on art? Who do you enjoy reading for inspiration? Share your thoughts below.

Happy writing!

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