Mark J. Mitchell

We have 4 coming at ya today! These are beautiful, poignant, image rich poems that will transport you. Take your time with these and if you like them check out his Facebook and personal website!

Day blooms off the bay

with sunlight and salt

and spring perfume in the air.

Still, this is not mourning.

Mark J. Mitchell

The orange sunrise

lights a low mist, trembling lacy outside

while a counterpoint shrinking moon strums tides.

Mark J. Mitchell

He treasures his fat blood. It’s opulent

as silk. He’s sure—if his fingers could reach,

he’d stroke the texture. He’d trace prominent

mountains, islands. Draw his personal map

on his left palm. And one pure, black sand beach.

Mark J. Mitchell

The day-to-day dance, simple rhyme

of long love. She can’t recall when

he didn’t make a mess. Each time

they both cleaned the too small kitchen.

Mark J. Mitchell

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