Lead & Pulp in Print!

Hello subscribers!

A special offer and announcement for you!

After a lot of thought and consideration and agonizing, I have decided to put the poems I accept into a print issue. For now I am thinking of something quarterly, starting next month, that readers would be able to get their hands on. Initially I want to offer these basically at cost to readers, because ultimately I want this to be about spreading poetry and uniting people through the written word. However, for those of you that are subscribers to L&P online I’d like to offer the magazine at $2 & free shipping.

I’m really excited at the prospect of this endeavor and hope that you will be excited too! So if this is something you’d be interested in receiving then please fill out the form below.

Also, if you have work that you’d like to be included online or in print visit the Submissions page and let’s work together! And be on the look out for new poems coming to you tomorrow!

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