3 Untitled by Kevin Scott

asphalt road above rocky coast of wavy sea

At a young age I knew my mind was different than yours, I wasn’t always obedient, X’s on bedroom doors, late in the summer we’d visit Boston shores, that’s where I learned us NJ folk weren’t up to their scores, quick in, quick out, our presence just bores, to stay at the cottage, we’d sleep on the floors, through school I went, anger coming out of my pores, had I never taken a taste, I would’ve never robbed all those stores, I live with guilt now, my mind going through wars, but the one who I once suffered with plays for the crowd, on the road, on his tours. 
black and white lion door handle

I dream in terror  
I see faces of lost love
I see pain and suffer 
As dark clouds hang above
Their hair made of snakes 
Their face only bone
The ones I once loved
Turned me cold into stone
grayscale photography of man sitting beside wall

sometimes I talk to myself
they think that I’m crazy
prescriptions and outbursts 
that’s all that they see
the rumors will spread
they’ll think that they know me
but deep down inside
I’m really just lonely

A brief interview with Kevin Scott

  1. What country are you from? USA
  2. When did you first start writing? I played in rock and metal bands in my teens and early twenties and I was very involved in the lyric writing process. Started around age 14. 
  3. How has it impacted your life? I tend to be very silent with my emotions and poetry has been a very helpful way to express myself both in happy moments and sad. 
  4. Have you been published before? No
  5. What’s your favorite part about writing? I love to rhyme and I love to read rhyming poems. I get my inspiration primarily from music and most of my poems are written in about 60 seconds.