A poem by Adora Williams

woman underwater wearing black one piece swimsuit

Once light is still there
There’ll be art everywhere
Read that again, read that again, analyse it
Read all you could have not read again
Stop the course and ask all you haven’t
All you wouldn’t
It’s a comma in Portuguese
It’s a consonant in Old French
It’s all the phrasal verbs with get
All the Latin we have forgotten
The Finnish lost language of Eve
The curse casted upon stumbles in my dreams
I always wake up
It’s not what it seems
Have you ever wondered why do we wake up when we’re about to die in our dreams?


Adora Williams has degrees in Journalism and Languages and has written poetry for 14 years. She lives in a historic region of Brazil. Her poetry anthology, Mulher Poesia, in Portuguese is being published in Brazil and Portugal in December 2022. 

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