A poem by Sam Moon

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Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death.


Come, let’s have a toast to what’s left of my sanity.

In actuality, I’m less than happy.

Less than I used to be.

You live in the corners of my eyes like the shadow people,

I see you.

My weakly beating heart in the ICU of my mind,

I’m trying hard to erase that one time you eased my mind because now it just robs the last peace of mind,

I have left.

You have left…

Leapt to conclusions,

I do as you do,

As I leap to conclude this,

Pain is so much I have to go through with this,

Because I can’t stop feeling your kiss on my lips,

Slipping in and out of reality I just want you to get away from me but I would only be running away from myself.

I’m so selfish right now…

And I was so selfless back then…

Your hero and your friend. All along your heart was,

0, as you pretended to love me,

Till the end that came so swiftly,

You changed like the direction of the wind.

I have to wake up,

They told me I’m asleep.

I have to wake up,

You’ve pinned me down and now I’m weak.

I have to wake up,

Breaking up with you is going to destroy me. I’m going to blame more of me for this but I have to set myself,


Because you’re killing me.

And I’m filling you,

With confidence.


From the depths of his heart he wrote the things that cut deep. And like the ocean flowed, the words filled the pages, saturated with the blood of his beating heart. He started from a young age, a page here, an idea there. But there, staring at him, was his imagination… it kept him warm at night and talked to him when no one else would. Most of what is known about Sam Moon is a mystery. What we do know is that his work speaks for the missing parts that need to be filled in about his past, waiting to be deciphered.

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