A poem by thebuddingwriter

photo studio with white wooden framed wall mirror

Posing to the Sky

Stepping out of the house into the streets after one long week, 
a beautiful feeling
I felt my hair dancing to the song of the wind
And my face shining to the flash of the sun,
looking at the clouds I smile and pose,
as if the sky was taking my picture.
That was the best photoshoot I ever had


 I’m a 18 year old small town girl belonging to a country where many great writers were born and made a special mark in history, India. I used to write in my school days as a hobby but from past couple of years writing has helped me to cope with the stress and get out of the depression I was going through, it really helped me to get back to my life and my favourite part about writing is that, I can fly to all my fantasy worlds and be the happiest girl on this planet.

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