A poem by Third Eye Poets

Can I put more time on the clock?
Rather, can I turn back the clock?

I feel you so clear, 
but still refracted through a prism
Sage & crystals
Cleanse the room  
Embrace their power

I inhale, exhale over 
Until I am centered—tethered 
& reach out 
for the memory of you  
across the abyss that exists

Is there 
a depth you wouldn’t go?
To see me too
I am asking you to cross 
the plane
I’ve already set a place for you 

The candle extinguished, 
smoke signal
. . . - - - . . .meant just for you
 I'm in need of something familiar, 
something true
Third eye vibes 
You apparate 

What do I say to you?
A thousand thoughts, 
a thousand words
run through my head
but I opt
to hold you instead
I find only 
empty air
because, after all, you're not 

really there

Wax streams, 
pooling, cooling
the tears,
it's been 
& they remain hot
held inside, being denied
the genie finally escapes the bottle
in these my streams of sorrow

A warmth
 takes me over
a tiny little glow from within
and I latch onto the feeling
a lifebuoy for a drowning swimmer
again, you rescue me
Your spirit  at work 

in this conjuring


Third Eye Poets is a poetry collective united by the healing power of the “written” word.

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