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Not sure I should tell you this,
because the embers will die out before they can play host to the ground.
The trees will suffocate as I do,
Turning grape juice into wine and then again into blood.
It’s a complicated, vicious cycle
of something out of nothing.
Trust from lust.
In a white room, crowded,
ripped open by accusations.
It was a safe place to live a lie,
everything was where it belonged.
Or was it just that the music was so intoxicating?
seems as though I’m the only one listening.
Their eyes move with me as if it were polite.

bi-POLAR was featured on subliminal interiors, now defunct.

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I wrote it down the way you would see a memory:

       That house is pink now

        It was so big back then

       The fence was made of linked chains

       We put our feet in the cavities

       To jump over and play in the street

I also remember there were puppies

       We were not allowed to keep

Down the street there was a girl

       I don’t believe she was a friend

       The retrieval feels awkward

But it does come to the surface

       I see her and my brother in a closet

       Playing games before consulting the rules

Memories was featured in a poetry project that was on Facebook.

Poetry Is Dead

Poetry is dead 

I watched her die 

In my arms and at my hands 

The unsuspecting victim 

I posed as a friend 

A Bird of her feather 

Made myself comfortable in her romance 

Let her seduce me 

She was so wrapped up in the attention 

My embrace was welcomed 

I kiss one side of her neck 

On the other began to drag a knife across 

Red droplets hit the ground 

I wrapped her body 

Still warm 

Then I buried her in fiction

Poetry Is Dead was featured in The Experience, FSCJ literary mag.